The Minutes Zoom meeting held Friday 19th March, 2021 at 7.00 pm.

As usual, the meeting had begun early and was already in full flow before the official start time of 7.00 pm., only three members and the Almoner joined  about 7.00pm and later (still learning how to drive the wonders of modern technology) – the Senior Warden W. Bro. Mike Thomas again in the absence of the W.M., had greeted those present and W. Bro. Tony H. offered to record the evenings’ business.


The members who logged on were:  Mike Thomas – Dave Cox –  Vince Bennett – Harold Jones – Roland Hughes – Archie Reynolds – Tony Fraser – Glyn Morgan –  Graham Morgan – Tom Dungy – John Hatherley – Alan Price – David Drew and Tony Hilliard.   (If I have missed anyone please let me know) – Apologies from:  The W. Master, Roy Williams & Roger Andrews.


The main topic of discussion at the opening of the meeting was the Annual Appointments & Promotions, with congratulations being extended by all to those members who had received their first appointment or a promotion. Hearty congratulations were extended to W. Bro. Tony Fraser on his appointment as an acting Senior Deacon, the only member present who had officially announced his appointment, the rest was by hearsay.   


  1. Bro. Glyn Morgan the Almoner, updated the meeting and brought news of W. Bro. Ian Harding who has suffered a very nasty fall. He is a little bit shaken to say the least. They were hoping to go to the Hall to inspect the furniture for any maintenance that may be required, but unfortunately permission was not forthcoming from the Town Council.  W. Bro. Glyn added, that they are hoping, together with Bro. Harold Jones, to try again at the end of the month. (W. Bro. Archie reported of some misinformation regarding the visit) –  W. Bro. Glyn then apologised and said he had nothing further to report though he has tried to contact some brethren we have not seen for a while, namely Eric Hallett, Dorian Payne and Joe Flynn, but without success. –  W. Bro. Tom Dungy was asked about his recent attendance at hospital. He reported all is well and his medication has been updated – W. Bro. Archie informed the meeting of the plight of W. Bro. Tony Fraser, who is suffering with Osteo Arthritis of the hip. He is currently taking Morphine and is still awaiting for a Scan.


Bro. Harold Jones was asked about our progression towards the ’21 Festival ‘Silver Award’  He informed the meeting that he had nothing further to report, he was still waiting on past promises.


  1. Bro. Archie again reminded the meeting about our ‘Web Site’ –  he said how important it was, due to the ‘Data Protection Act’ etc., if they wish to continue to receive information from the site, they must  answer his last email requesting permission to subscribe.


  1. Bro. Vincent Bennett and W. Bro. John Hatherley enquired about the Installation Ceremony in September and of the future Officers.   Will W. Bro. Richard be installing his successor, is Bro. Andrew aware of the task ahead, and as far as his Officers are concerned, who will be doing what?  This discussion again raised some interesting points as it did at the last meeting, culminating with a general agreement that the end of April is the latest for a positive commitment.  W. Bro. Mike Thomas reiterated what had taken place at the last meeting; W. Bro. Richard is going to install his successor, Andrew Spurway is looking forward to his Installation, and several offices are covered already.  Peter Evans as Secretary – David Cox as Treasurer – Roy Williams as Mentor – Roland Hughes as the dining steward and Dave Pearce, David Drew and Steve Rogers are all interested in progressing.  W. Bro. Mike carried on by confirming the participation of the Past Masters who will contribute and help fill any gaps such as Wardens etc. He then informed the meeting that the W. Master for what ever reason can only join us once a month and had asked if it was necessary to have a Zoom meeting ever fortnight.


 At the closing W. Bro. Mike Thomas again enquired of the brethren if they were pleased with the evenings proceeding –  if they had anything to add and were they in favour of  fortnightly meetings, the next meeting to be held Friday 2nd April – the response was in favour.  W. Bro. Tony H. asked if anyone knew the right time to plant Runner Bean seeds in pots prior to them being planted outside – the response was conflicting!!                    


The meeting carried on past the allotted closing time of 8.00pm.




Senior Warden W. Bro. M. Thomas.