The Minutes of an informal Zoom meeting Friday, 5th February, 2021

The meeting opened at 7.10 pm – W. Bro. Mike Thomas greeted the brethren and made them welcome. W. Bro. Tony H. acted as secretary to record the evenings business.

The members who logged on were:  Mike Thomas – Dave Cox –  Roy Williams – Harold Jones – Roland Hughes – Andy Davy – John Hatherley – Andrew Spurway – Dave Pearce – Glyn Morgan –  Alan Price & Tony Hilliard.   (If I have missed anyone please let me know) – Apologies from the W.M. Richard Andrews, Vince Bennett, Ian Harding &  Roger Andrews.


 Mike began by bringing apologies from the Brethren, he then asked if anyone had anything to report or add – it was reported Dave Pearce was  a bit low because ‘Liverpool’ had lost and he felt let down.

Harold informed the meeting that he had received several responses from brethren in support of the Silver award as well as 4 increases to existing covenants.


John H. Asked if anyone had joined Akram Baig’s zoom meeting regarding the Covid 19 virus, he then told the meeting he thought it was most interesting, and for those who missed it or if anyone would like to know more about the ‘Corona virus’ Akram will be organising another zoom meeting soon (in a couple of weeks or so).


The brethren spoke about the future of the Lodge, hoping meetings will begin again soon, and who will be doing what – Roland Hughes & Dave Pearce both offered their help in one way or another.


The meeting soon became a gathering of friends exchanging light hearted banter – Mike laid a bet of £5.00 with Dave that Scotland will beat England at the forthcoming rugby match – Tony H. Proposed that as the bet was made during a Masonic meeting the winner should pay his winnings to the 21 Festival – this was duly seconded.


 At the closing W. Bro. Mike again enquired if the brethren were pleased with the evenings proceedings, if they had anything to add and were they in favour of meeting in February – the response was in favour.

The acting sec departed early and as far as he knows the meeting closed sometime after 8.10 pm.




Senior Warden W. Bro. M. Thomas.